Personal Thoughts From Experience Being Under Ministerial Leadership for Over a Decade

When I joined in my church’s ministries I was around 15 years old. I helped out in various areas. At around the age of 17, I joined the church’s AV team. I came to learn so much. I already had musical experience and had a basic understanding of what instrument should be louder or lower, the song lyrics, etc. The AV and music ministry at my church is very well-organized and the team is well-disciplined and committed.

We still have the same leader that’s been there for about 18yrs — way before I ever arrived. I’ve come to learn and observe other leaders throughout the years and have met many ministry teams from other places. I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. I am speaking from my point-of-view as being under leadership.

Here are just a few of my observations regarding what I feel makes a good leader:


1. A good leader doesn’t overwork you.

Our leader encourages to take vacations whenever possible. You need to have that time to be away with your family and rest. Getting away refreshes you. Once you’re back you will have renewed strength and fresh mind. It’s happened far too often where those in ministry have quit because they’ve been overworked and neglected their families.


2. A good leader encourages you.

The larger a team gets, the more a leader will deal with different personalities, characteristics, and issues. And with that can come times where some things may become out of order or require some things to be discussed. Despite any issues, a leader will lift you up, won’t look at your differently, and will be concerned about your well-being. A leader will speak truth in love and will magnify your strengths while setting the example himself or herself.


“A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus.”
— Martin Luther King, Jr.


3. A good leader doesn’t prepare the path for you — a good leader prepares your heart for the path.

I like to think of life as a path. Many have walked through it and unexpected things happen along the way. A good leader will show you what the way is and what you can do should a certain situation arise. Once a leader has your heart, that’s when you can be able to receive the encouragement, rest, or advice you will need in times of triumph or adversity. Out of that, leaders create other leaders for the future.


4. Even good leaders need help, too.

I’ve come to notice that there needs to be trust. And if for some reason the leader can’t do a certain task for whatever reason, then someone else on the team can take over without fear and with confidence and know that all will be under control because the team has been well-trained and well-led.


These are just some of my personal observations from my own personal experiences and certain things can vary.

Many others may have different lists and opinions. I left out other points, but these points above are the ones that have stood out to me the most in my life. You can surely find them in various articles and blogs. I’m happy to say that I’m part of a great team under great people and leaders.


What do you consider good or great leadership?