To rise up is defined as coming up to the surface; to stand up; to arise.

The days that we are currently living happen to be the best days of our lifetime. What we mean by that is that we are experiencing the biggest spiritual awakening ever. The Holy Spirit is pouring out a fresh anointing over His people (the church). We are living in the midst of a revival and it is amazing to partake of this blessing. God is calling His people (man, woman, young person, and child) to RISE UP and stand for Him. He is looking for people of conviction that do not waver and change their position, but instead move forward with the calling and purpose upon their lives.

Rising up? Yes, rising up to the task of taking the Gospel (Jesus) to a generation that is hurting. Yes, rising up with purpose to bind up the brokenhearted. Rising up to proclaim freedom to the captives. And,rising up to release from darkness the prisoners and to proclaim the year of the Lord's favor.

Are you up for the challenge? It is not enough to look around at this culture and say to yourself, "They need Jesus." This world is crying out for people of conviction who will RISE UP above and from the spiritual mediocrity that has become the ordinary. This thinking makes us self-satisfied and unconcerned. But in the midst of the common, there is a generation ready to be mobilized into a cause and effect. ARE YOU ONE OF THEM? 
It's time to rise up.